“When You Need to Know For Sure…”


The Investigator who will get the Surveillance Results You Need…

surveillanceLinked Investigations has conducted thousands of successful surveillance operations in Southern California, nationally and abroad.  Linked Investigations  has been a licensed private investigation firm since 1982… conducting sensitive surveillance work and providing excellent results for a wide range of clients. We have over 30 years of experience providing surveillance services to private individuals, law firms, insurance companies and other businesses.

During the surveillance, we provide you, or your designated contact, with regular verbal updates.  Upon completion of our surveillance services, we provide an informative, detailed and accurate report as well as an  accounting.  Video and photography service is provided at no additional cost.


Specialists from Surveillance to Courtroom

Whether you require a single investigator or several, we use only experienced, licensed private investigators.  Obtaining the critical evidence is one thing.  Properly documenting it and testifying to its validity is yet another.  Not every investigator  can conduct a professional surveillance and provide an accurate, well written report and testify to their findings in a court room environment when required.  Linked Investigation investigators are all among those who can.


Catch A Cheating Spouse

When you suspect that your partner is having an affair, it can be a very painful, confusing, and difficult period in your life.  Infidelity is hurtful and  deceptive.  Fearing but not knowing for sure can cause you a lot of stress and torment you.  It can also take a toll in other areas of your life such as your self-esteem, your focus at work, and your family dynamic.

If you have these fears and suspicions, the first critical step is to find out positively if your partner is being unfaithful  And the best means for accomplishing this is to hire  a professional and licensed private investigator who has the surveillance experience and resources to successfully catch a cheater.   At Linked Investigations, we have the surveillance experience and expertise.  We will use the utmost care and confidentiality to uncover the truth.  When you know the facts, you are able to move forward with you life and make the  decisions that are right for you.