Find Someone

Find Someone

“We Will Find You…”


Hire a Missing Persons Investigator to Find Someone.

find someoneLinked Investigations is the best missing persons investigations agency in the business when you need to find someone.  Primarily, our cases are focused on searching for a biological parent, biological sibling, runaways, or locating a witness.  Trust us to find who you’re looking for.  We have been successfully reuniting people for over 30 years.


 Find My Family

Many of our clients have relied on our expertise and experience in locating missing persons in order to  locate family members or relatives.  Family is important and it can be worrisome, even painful when you do not now how to reach them or where they are. We have been very successful at reuniting family members and lost loved ones.

Typically, be it family or other persons you have lost touch with or need to locate, the following are the most common needs to find someone:

  • Inheritance cases
  • Paternity issues
  • Reuniting with former loves or classmates
  • Find a homeless relative or friend
  • Locate Witnesses
  • Process Service

We have been successful at locating missing persons for individuals, corporations, judicial, and governmental organizations




Missing or  Lost Only Means “Whereabouts Unknown”.
Let Us Find Them For You.