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Family Law can be Difficult and Confusing.

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Family LawFamily Law matters can indeed be difficult and confusing… and expensive.  Fortunately, the affordable investigative services of Linked Investigations are here to help you through this emotionally challenging time and to help minimize the resulting financial burden.  Linked Investigations has the experience and Family Law related resources to provide you with the best and most affordable investigative services you will need when dealing with your Family Law matters.  Typically, the services we provide pertaining to Family Law matters  include:



Surveillance – Cheating Spouse

This is often a very important first step to determine the cause of a spouse’s unusual or altered behavior. Are they cheating or is there another explanation?  Once you learn the truth you can act accordingly.


Record Searches & Background Investigations – Child Custody Issues

This can often be the most important and emotional aspect of any Family Law action.  Ensuring that your children have the best environment and are safe is of the utmost importance.  Numerous investigative services such as Surveillance, Civil Records & other Record Searches… as well as both Background and Criminal Background Investigations can be critical in determining if a spouse, ex-spouse or other potential guardian should be allow custody of your child or be granted visitation rights.

In the situation where co-habitation may be an issue, determine whether your “soon to be ex-spouse” is living with someone else or has someone new around the kids. This can effect spousal support and custody. Often alcohol and or drug use is a factor in divorce. Violation of court orders is very common and should be documented by a licensed P.I.


Asset Searches – Property Distribution

In the case of a Dissolution of Marriage, a thorough Asset Search is a wise protective measure to ensure there are no hidden assets involved that could result in an unfair division of property.

Computer Searches & Research can often be extremely important in all aspects of Family Law matters.  In many cases, a client will need to have information relative to property, company ownership, criminal and civil records, income & employment, financial standing and others.  Linked Investigations has the resources to conduct these types of investigations in an fast and affordable manner.


Other Considerations – Referrals 

A well qualified attorney is worth his or her weight in gold. Even a simple divorce can become a disaster if the wrong attorney is used. We refer the best attorneys based on your needs and have worked with the strongest attorneys in the Southern California area for many years. A Certified Family Law Specialist is almost always a must!

We can also refer you to marriage counselors and family psychologists for evaluations as needed.


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