Asset Searches

Asset Searches

“When You Need to Know For Sure…”


The Wisdom of Conducting Asset Searches

asset searchesWhether you are  beginning  a new business or personal relationship… or are contemplating terminating one,  Asset Searches can be a valuable tool.  A properly conducted Asset Search will allow you to protect your best interests and provide vital information about the person your are dealing with.  It’s vitally important that you use a licensed private investigator who is experienced in sifting through the complex information that an asset search can turn up.  Linked Investigations can provide you with Asset Searches that provide the critical information you need to make an informed decision about the person in question.


Asset Searches – The Fundamentals

Asset Searches, also known as Asset Checks, are a specialized version of a background investigation.  Asset Searches are focused on locating and identifying an individual’s assets. This typically includes finding homes & properties, businesses, places of employment and sources of income…  as well as vehicles, possessions of notable worth, bank accounts and  other investments.  An Asset Search includes a wide range of public or civil record and computerized searches to obtain specific information about an individual’s net worth or economic value.

Asset Searches often do reveal businesses that the individual owns or has owned .  This often ties in associates and relatives to produce a clearer picture of the truth. Our Asset Searches can also uncover negative information about the individual which is extremely important for you to know.  Tax liens, judgments, bankruptcy, defaults, complaints and other derogatory information is discovered.


Public Records

Public records are not always accurate or up-to-date in the manner one might expect.   Years of experience coupled with diligence is vital in identifying the validity of such information. Often,  data bases do not include data on the assets you are searching for.  Title and true ownership  information can be disguised. This is where the value of our investigative expertise is required to locate hidden assets through other means.



When necessary,  surveillance services can also be employed to monitor a person’s activities.  This can be  valuable tool to determine what the person does and where he/she goes. This can often lead to where assets such as money, vehicles and  properties are located.


Asset Searches – What to Look For

Here is a list of  the types of asset  information we provide you, our client:

  • Property records search
  • Find property owner
  • Asset Check
  • Uncover hidden assets
  • Find bank accounts legally
  • Locate a buisness
  • Find property owners
  • Search fictitious business name (DBAs)
  • Find DBA
  • Skip tracing
  • Limited liability partnership
  • Tax lien search & judgments
  • Find notices of default
  • Search bankruptcy records
  • Verify state issued licenses
  • Verify employment history
  • Find date of birth (DOB)
  • Find social security number


Beware of Free or Cheap Online Searches

Use caution when opting to try a free/cheap online search service.  Many companies hire data entry clerks to perform their online search and background checks who do not have any real investigative experience.  It is not prudent to act or base your decisions on unreliable information.  You are very likely to get  what you pay for.

A proper & accurate Asset Search requires extensive experience and dependable access to reliable data sources to obtain the accurate results you need.  Linked Investigations will always work to provide you the results you need while working within your budget.


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