Our Services

Our Services

“Professional Service You Can Count On…”

servicesLinked Investigations has been providing quality, licensed investigative services since 1982. Based in Orange County, California, we are centrally located and able to provide service to all of southern California.



The following is a list of our Investigative Services:

    • Complete Background Check
      Linked Investigations’ complete background investigation provides results that are thorough, accurate, and reliable.  We supply the best background investigation in the industry. The information we provide allows you to make the right  decisions regarding the person in question.

    • Surveillance Services
      We have over 30 years of experience providing surveillance services to private individuals, law firms, insurance companies and other businesses.

    • Asset Search
      A properly conducted Asset Search will allow you to protect your best interests and provide vital information about the person your are dealing with.

    • National Criminal Background Check
      Finding a person’s criminal history is often based on a comprehensive search of Superior Court Criminal records.  Our resources include numerous criminal index databases to obtain the most complete information for you
    • Corporate Investigative Services
      Companies seeking to grow and sustain a profitable business in today’s turbulent economy understand the importance of having accurate and timely information. A licensed Corporate Investigator can facilitate that. Our corporate investigation team performs professionally, and with discretion, even during the most volatile of situations.
    • Family Law Services
      Linked Investigations has the experience and Family Law related resources to provide you with the best and most affordable investigative services you will need when dealing with your Family Law matters.

    • Divorce Attorney
      Our Services for Attorneys provide critical and accurate information for their cases.  Linked Investigations is an Orange County based licensed private investigation agency that has been provided professional results to legal professionals for over 30 years.

    • Child Custody
      This can often be the most important and emotional aspect of any Family Law action. Ensuring that your children have the best environment and are safe is of the utmost importance.

    • Uncovering Elder Abuse
      The right caregiver provides a safe and loving environment for an aging loved one.  Hiring the wrong caregiver, or choosing the wrong nursing home facility, can have a tragic outcome.
    • Catch A Cheating Spouse
      When you suspect that your partner is having an affair, it can be a very painful, confusing, and difficult period in your life.  Infidelity is hurtful and  deceptive.
    • Online Search Services
      Accurate online searches are not as easy as you might think. A person using the internet to search public data bases to find up-to-date information may find that they are in over their heads.
    • Locate Missing Person
      Linked Investigations is the best missing persons investigations agency in the business when you need to find someone.  Primarily, our cases are focused on searching for a biological parent, biological sibling, runaways, or locating a witness.
    • Find Criminal Records
      If your concern is too protect your business and safeguard the employee integrity, or to ensure your families safety when hiring a new care provider, an accurate background investigation is vital.  It provides the  information you need when making critical decisions about the person in question.

    • Expert Witness
      As a licensed private investigator, we can provide evidence, in addition to expert testimony, that will help your case.
    • Civil Records Services
      There are numerous reasons you will want to look into someone’s civil records. You may have a new business prospect or want to investigate potential business partners or investors. We can verify tax liens and property records, in addition to any civil judgments that may have been rendered against them, or civil judgments they have against others.
    • Elder Abuse Investigation
      Linked Investigations has been uncovering, and bringing closure to, elder abuse investigations for over 30 years.  Our investigative services are affordable and can be tailored to your budget.