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About Linked Investigations
Linked Investigations is owned and operated by Mike Garroutte.  Mike has been a respected and highly sought-after California State Licensed Private Investigator since 1982.

 He originally began his career working for a United States Supervisory Federal Agent who had retired and become a private investigator. Mike continues to enjoy this mutually beneficial and professional relationship to this day.

Based in Orange County, California, Linked Investigations is centrally located  to provide unsurpassed and affordable investigative services to all of Southern California. However, Linked Investigations coverage is not limited  to just California.  Their coverage area is nationwide… and for some services and situations… its global.

“Linked Investigations” is an apt name for the agency as they are “linked” to a vast array of geo- diverse investigative services.  Truly, Linked Investigations is a vast network of professional & successful investigative resources, services and information sources.

Mike Garroutte has spent his career building a competent team of investigative experts.  He and his team have brought thousands of cases to a successful and positive conclusion.  Mike has developed professional relationships with top, licensed private detectives who have diversified backgrounds and varying skill sets and expertise.

These “links” or professional network have allowed  Mike and his Linked Investigations team to become one of the most successful and respected private investigation agencies in the industry.  Their wide range of expertise in numerous fields coupled with their integrity and reputation for expedient , thorough and accurate results have put them in high demand in both direct-hire and sub-contract cases.  In many cases, if you engage another investigative firm, it will be the Linked Investigations team that performs the actual work.



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